Commercial law

The firm engages in extensive activity in commercial law, which finds expression, inter alia, in the provision of routine legal counselling to companies, businesses and websites, and of course the handling of various commercial transactions, including very complex and large strategic investments, from the preliminary stages of laying the initial foundations for the transaction, through the conduct of negotiations and on to the actual completion of all the transaction's elements through to closing, including representation before the Director of Restrictive Trade Practices.

The prominent types of agreements handled by the firm are: the sale and purchase of corporations and their shares, founders' agreements, investment agreements, commercial cooperation and marketing agreements, mergers, varied commercial agreements in the spheres of cellular media with cellular companies and various content providers, agreements for the use of the content of a variety of media entities, distribution agreements and licenses for commercial activity, agreements in the area of events production, patronage and sponsorship, computer services, printing services and agreements that are unique to the Internet sphere, including site construction, rules and community management.

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